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] to deal with. the toilet represents how america treats the underclass. no matter what color you are, how much money you got, how poor you are, everybody uses a toilet. >> do you at all understand why anyone would look at that toilet when you see electronic equipment on it and think, well, maybe it was a bomb. >> it was an old tv set and old cell phone. picasso used paint. i use a toilet. >> are you -- do you have a mental disorder? >> no, sir. >> reporter: state police would not allow us to talk to his doctor. so we have no independent confirmation of his mental health. >> these people have talked to me. test after test after test. and i ain't failed a test yet. i know what day it is, what time it is, and i know what i did is not against the law. it's my constitutional right. freedom of speech. >> reporter: he said he sent a letter to governor o'malley. >> are you a threat to any elected officials? >> no, sir. never threatened nobody. >> would you do anything violent to anyone? >> no, sir. >> including the governor. >> the only thing that is going to hurt the governor is the truth. that'
themselves outgunned. as they were treated from the government stronghold, this fighter says where is america, where is great britain? they should come here and help us. coalition air strikes have helped, but under the un resolution, the military operation is limited to protecting civilians. hillary clinton met with representatives in london, ahead of a conference to discuss libya's future. >> we must continue to pursue a broader goal of a libya that belongs not to a dictator but the libyan people. >> reporter: more sanctions to increase pressure on qaddafi, but they did not talk about arming the rebels. >> we have not made a decision about arming the rebels or providing arms transfers. >> reporter: president obama says qaddafi needs to leave, but he's ruled out using u.s. troops to oust him. on capitol hill, some argue more force will be necessary to get qaddafi to go. >> this is the libyan people's fight, but we need to continue to help make it a fairer fight. >> reporter: submarines fired missiles in tuesday in tripoli. the pentagon said the price tag for setting up the no-fly zone is alre
, for their belief america's war dead are god's punishment for america's sins. >> god is punishing this nation. and his weapon of choice is sending these children home dead from the battle. >> reporter: it was extra pain that the funeral of lance corporal matthew snider did not need. the family sued. the family lost. free speech trumped personal hurt. >> eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. >> this week, staff sergeant james mal kows we key was killed. >> i never felt this much pain in my entire life. >> certainly this put its on the map again. >> reporter: they're looking to put more than 100 feet between a protest and a funeral. >> we've talked about numbers like 500 feet or 1,000 feet. and we certainly would like it to be, you know, with the full understanding of the need to respect people's right to free speech. we'd like it to be far enough to respect the privacy of folks going through very difficult circumstances, obviously. >> reporter: if the county enacts new rules, it would take at least 20 days to get it onto the books. not enough time for another military fam
's funeral. >> god hates america. >> reporter: protests by the westboro baptist church at the 2006 marine matthew snider angered his father who filed a federal lawsuit. >> believe me, someone is going to get hurt. when the blood starts flowing let it be on the supreme court justice's hands. >> reporter: the protests outraged thousands of maryland veterans. >> i'm not a violent person. >> reporter: just as upsetting to many was last week's supreme court decision that the church broke in laws and their andty gay funeral protests are proseconded under -- protected under the first amendment. >> i believe in freedom of speech but there is a line to draw. >> reporter: this is the safe haven for hero's act, a bill designed to allow groups to exercise free speech without impacting funerals. >> we are not taking away their ability to speak and the content. all we are saying is that we want to be able to restrict the time and place as long as it is reasonable. >> reporter: protests would not be allowed five hours before or five hours after a soldier's funeral. even then if they decided to protest t
for japanese who have made america their new home. [ indiscernible ] sorry since -- sorrow since world war ii. >> reporter: the japanese embassy is the closest soil to where the ground shook. the place to write a few words of condolence. >> my main purpose ever being here is to convey how heartbroken the american people are over this tragedy. >> reporter: those are levering their thoughts behind. at the embassy's lobby. children from a nearby school have made their feelings known through construction hearts. while such gestures are small, they add up. >> america respects japan? thank you so much. >> reporter: flowers are being accepted at the embassy. cash donations are being directed to the red cross. >> in addition to donations at the red cross, funds will be at the cherry blossom festival in washington. it starts next saturday. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the disaster in japan. for complete coverage, log onto, and click on the news tab at the top of the home page. >> expanding investigation. three police officers assigned to anne arundel county's executive are subpoenaed
, to now serving as the head of america's number 1 public school system, dr. grasmick is a champion for many of the progressive reforms we've implemented in maryland. she said she is still disappointed in the number of dropouts and the low pay for educators in maryland but that is to be tackled pie the next superintendent. >> i always feel like i'm leaving it unfinished. because i feel like it's a beautiful mural being painted. and i hope it will never conclude. >> reporter: grasmick says that she will first take a vacation. and she also is considering some offers that she has received from some folks in the community. but she won't say exactly what those jobs might be. it's up to the state board of election -- excuse me. the state board of education to take the next superintendent. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. grasmick was also the secretary for children, youth and families. the only person in maryland history to hold two cabinet positions. >>> a cloudy, cool evening, as march winds to a close. a live look outside right now. it is ra
. that's tonight's assignment america. only on the cbs evening news, here on wjz 13. baltimore. kai and denise, back to you. >>> thanks. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, >>> well, the winds have died down. but it is still chilly out there. the rain cleared out. bernadette woods is outside with a look at what is in store for tonight. >> tonight, we are going down into 20s for our lows. tomorrow, we warm up in the afternoon to low 50s. close to average like today is. the average now is 51 degrees. then tomorrow evening, more clouds coming into the picture. and temperatures start to drop. and that's because a new storm system is coming our way. for more on that, here's bob. >> if you're sitting in a swamp right now, it's going to get wet again on wednesday night. tomorrow, nice day. 53, 32. just about normal really. increasing clouds wednesday. wednesday night, look for the rain to move in. probably getting heavy after midnight. and we'll see heavy shower activity again on thursday. 48. 56. it will be mild. maybe even a thundershower thrown in. drying out friday. and partly cloudy sund
those in need. the usns comfort left this morning for central america and the caribbean. and it's not just people that they will be helping. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: per its namesake, the usns comfort is set for an early-morning departure. to provide medical care for nine countries, columbia, costa rica, el salvador, haiti, nicaragua and peru. >> providing family practice care, dental, optom tree. things they can't get. >> the usns comfort is a hospital ship. >> make them smile. when they're missing a front tooth, give them a front tooth. it's things like that that will make a double impact. >> reporter: they traveled to earthquake-ravaged haiti. on this humanitarian mission, they hope to do the same. >> for me, this represents some of the best things that america has to offer. the ability to reach out with a helping hand when you need it. >> reporter: but the patients provide comfort, too. for the 400 navy medical personnel. >> every time a leave a new place, i have a friend. >> this is the usns comfort's sixth mission, which altogether has helped more than 300,
to say good-bye to you here in the moon. it would just be too touchy. >> couric: tonight america says good-bye to one of its biggest stars. academy award winning actress elizabeth taylor. >> thank you with all my heart. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, qaddafi's days in power may be numbered. the allies have put libya's air force out of business, and the crowds of his supporters are thinning. as your gas prices soar, we'll show you who is driving them up. and after he put a face on the aids crisis, she gave victims a very powerful voice. >> captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. if movie stars are america's royalty, elizabeth taylor was queen. and her long reign has come to an end. as you've likely heard elizabeth tay d
to foreclosures. bank of america says the allegations are un?riew foreclosures don't just hurt homeowners. it can hurt renters as well. as andrea fujii explains, there's help for tenants living in foreclosed homes. >> reporter: more than 4500 baltimore homes entered foreclosure last year. of them nearly 2,000 had tenants. >> talking about a lot of people with a lot of rights. >> reporter: renters have rights. that's the message of a new campaign. some renters get deceptive notices like this telling them to vacate before they have to under a new federal law, tenants have at least 90 days to leave or until the lease expire and they must receive three separate notices. >> it is confusion. many times rernts won't know. >> reporter: some homeownerrers whose properties are less than their mowrgt stop paying, leaving the renters out of time. >> they pay the rent on time. >> reporter: the hope is to keep families in their homes. >> we want people to hold on to that opportunity to stay in that house as long last they can. >> reporter: by informing them of their rights. andrea fujii, wjz, eyewitness news.
to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> up in flames, a fiery tanker lights up the sky in texas. another driver was going the wrong way on a fort worth highway this morning when he hit the gasoline tanker. the truck driver was killed in the explosion. highway officials say it could take months to fix the badly burned highway. >>> officials at the bronx zoo is on the look out for a venomous stake. the egyptian cobra slithered out of its enclosure friday. officials believe it is in the reptile enclosure. and they believe that it is unlikely he left the zoo. >>> bonds adamantly denied every using performance enhancing drugs. as candyce wilson reports, his former mistress told a very different story in private. >> reporter: barry bonds looked calm when he arrived for his perjury trial. inside he was visibly uncomfortable as the jury heard from his former mistress kimberly bell. she testified that in 1999 the baseball superstar admitted to her that he used steroids. bonds is on trial for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury back in 2003 at the time she said he never knowi
johnsonville, america's favorite italian sausage. brand power. helping you buy better. >>> those are mighty big heads to try to get together. mark is here with the wjz fan sports report. >> negotiations going on and protracted here a bit. nfl owners have agreed to extend their negotiating deadline to midnight friday night. maybe the extra 24 hours will give ravens safety tom zivekowski time to change his about his surprising off-season plan. he will enter as a fighter. he tells the baltimore sun, he hasn't spoken to the team about his plan. and with a lockout looming, no one will be allowed to talk to the players anywhere. -- anyway. he does have a boxing background. last fout here five years ago. knocked his opponent out. he's committed to fight in vegas at the mgm grand march 12th. he fought more than 100 bouts as an amateur. >>> nfl teams do some business during collective bargaining. title end shockey was released by the new orleans saints last week. he got the deal done with carolina in a rush. before the bargaining agreement expired. he didn't know there could be -- would be a 24-hour ext
a new job today. ehrlich has been named senior counsel. >>> next stop, south america. the usns comfort is preparing for its next mission today. in fact, the hospital ship is currently docked at its home at the canton pier this rainy tuesday evening. thursday, the ship will leave on a humanitarian mission. the company just recently returned to offering support to the earthquake victims in haiti. the new five-month mission will take the ship to nine different countries. >>> a pasadena woman gives birth on the side of route 1 in anne arundel county. >> reporter: it wasn't quite the delivery they expected. >> i was like in shock. >> reporter: monday morning, melissa dickens began to feel sharp pains when she told her boyfriend, lauren, their baby was coming. >> i didn't believe it until i saw her water break in our driveway. >> i was like, i'm going to push. and he said, no, don't. and i said, i can't stop it. >> reporter: they began the drive to the baltimore washington medical center. >> lauren pulled over here, right on the side of the interstate, less than a mile from the hospital when
to the region and america and its allies are discussing possible military options to prevent gadhafi from bombing his own people. >> we're obviously looking at a lot of options and contingencies. no decisions have been made. >> reporter: britain is working on a plan to impose a no-fly zone over the country. >> i think our job is to try to look around the corner and plan for every eventuality. and i know other allies and nato and the u.s. are doing exactly the same thing. and that is right. >> reporter: gadhafi's son denies libyan's air force is attacking civilians. >> so me. one evidence. one ichedz. one witness. >> reporter: but the u.n. says more than 140,000 refugees are trying to flee the fighting, a situation that is growing and many fear is on the verge of becoming a humanitarian crisis. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >>> now, the u.s. state department says about 30 americans are still in libya, and they are making plans to get them out. >> we are marching into a new month. and the weather is very nice. a live look outside now. cooler than yesterday. but it's clear. and it's
delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> here's a live look outside at camden yards. we're hoping we're going to see some sun on monday, bob. >> please. >> hopefully it will be ailing drive -- a little driving. games today. chilly in some spots. looks like monday, they still feature a risk of a shower or two. exactly where, nobody really knows. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s. a little warmer than today. up by 43. we're at 42. it is cooler out to the west. and some of those mountain areas, some of the higher regions to the north and west of city. tomorrow morning, late, late tonight. as more rain moves in, may have a little wet snow, just a little while. particularly out in far western maryland. may see an inch on the grass. 46 in ocean city. dew point is still pretty high at 39. the dew point was 34, at 33. i'd be a little more concerned approximate the possibility of snow. but the chance just to the north of us, across these areas, where they did see some snow last night. southern new york, harford
popular sport in america is shutting down. at the center of it all, money. sports director mark viviano has more now. >> well, vic, the nfl deadline to resolve differences stands at midnight tomorrow night. the two sides met for four hours today and emerged with no announced progress. the owners say they will lock out the players if there is not a collective bargaining deal by the deadline. >> reporter: a management council representing 32 nfl owners, meeting head-on with the union groups, representing 1700 players. with the federal mediator serving as a referee. fighting to divide the league's $9 million in annual revenue. and the clock is ticking. >> our objective, of course, is to negotiate a fair agreement for the players and the teams. and so far, obviously, we haven't been successful. we want to play football. >> and there's a lot of things we've done to try to make that happen. we're willing to just extend the deal. >> reporter: baltimore-based agent, tony agnone represents 40 nfl players. he joined me on my radio show, on 105.7, the fan. he is optimistic, a deal will get done. a
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16